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shrI dattAtreya

Adau brahma, madhye vishNu, ante devaH sadAshivaH, murti traya svarupAya dattAtreya namostute

Salutations to Shri Dattatreya who manifests himself first as brahmA, the creator, then as vishNu, the sustainer, and finally, as shiva, presides over dissolution.

Now that we have "reconstructed" a new universe, we can begin to understand how people inhabit it. This will help us to see how people interact with each other, how they love each other and how hate. When we are unhappy, we often feel that someone has wronged us, that someone has cheated us of happiness. That makes me want to understand the dynamic between two persons. This is my attempt to understand these things.

In figure 4, I show how two rather atypical persons, X and Y, appear to occupy the world that I have modeled. In this representation, the area occupied by the triangle XBC corresponds to the total personality of X and the area of the triangle YBC similarly maps the the total personality of Y.  Remember that total personality is the sum of gross, subtle and causal bodies. Most real people we deal with probably don't resemble X and Y, but we can learn some things from X and Y.

(1) Since the material plane is represented by the line AD, and X and Y are mere points on this line, and since the total personality of X is a big triangle, the physical personality is a small part of it.

(2) Most of what we are, is determined by the content of the subtle and causal bodies which together are represented by the triangles XBC and YBC.

(3) For X and Y, content of each
sheath is represented by the area of each layer within their respective triangles. We can conclude from basic Euclidean geometry (please don't mind the math for now) that for our peculiar X and Y, contents of their corresponding layers are equal, i.e., their energy sheaths are equal, their mental sheaths are equal, and so on. Thus while X and Y are unique individuals, their spiritual states are very similar. This is all the geometry or mathematics of any kind we will use.

Some more interesting facts about X and Y can be observed from the model. Their energy sheaths do not overlap at all, their mental sheaths overlap some, but not as much as their intellectual sheaths. Their sheaths of joy, i.e., their causal bodies overlap the most.The implications of this are, for example, that they do not have many common interests, there is some similarity in their emotional make up, and they are quite a bit more agreeable on intellectual level. Notwithstanding all these differences, they can karmically affect each other significantly as indicated by the overalp of their causal bodies. This is a direct consequence of the fact that our outer (upper) sheaths tend to be more localized while the inner (lower) sheaths tend to be more delocalized. This is why everything we do affects just about everyone else.

All this may appear very weird to those not familiar with models, but I hope all can gain some insight as to how we interact with each other, what components of our personality make us compatibile or not with others, how conflicts arise in relationships, etc. The point of the model is to delve into these issues in more detail.



Figure 4. This is how two individuals, X and Y might look in this model of the universe. In this case, we can see that their energy sheaths do not overlap at all (few or no common interests), their mental sheaths overlap some (some emotional commonality), their intellectual sheaths overlap even more (more match at intellectual level), while their sheaths of joy or causal bodies overlap the most (karmically they can affect each other).

How does this representation of individuals X and Y differ from the one in figure 1? This representation is meant to facilitate the understanding of our participation in the world. Figure 1 is how we normally see ourselves, separated from, and unconnected to, all others. Ancients attribute the appeal of figure 1 to mAyA.


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