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shrI rAjarAjeshvarI

ya devI sarva bhuteSu shraddhA rupeNa saMsthitA
namastassai namastassai namastassai namo namaH

Again and again I bow to the devI who abides in all beings as faith.

In tantra, we saw how love between X and Y can transform both into something much bigger than themselves. I also said there that this is very difficult to achieve in practice. Perhaps there is a way to make it easy. Imagine Y is in love not with the guy X, but with deity X. His personality profile is now not given by the dotted lines but is XABCDX. This is shown in figure 12 below.The logic of tantra tells me that Y should now be able to grow her personality profile by merging it with that of deity X. This is my understanding of the basis of bhakti.

yo mAm pashyati sarvatra, sarvaM cha mayi pashyati
tasyAhaM na praNashyAmi, sa cha me na praNashyati
, says kRSNa in bhagavad gItA.

He who see me everywhere and sees everything in me, to him, I am not lost, nor is he lost to me.

Merging our personality with Ishvara's is being like him as above quote from Gita explains. This is indeed possible for anyone and everyone. For as gItA explains it, "samam sarveSU bhuteSU tishtanti parameshvaraM" or ishvara abides equally in all beings. While it my be alright to claim exclusive connection to God, about whom I know nothing, and many have done so historically, no one in his right mind can claim an exclusive connection to Ishvara


Figure 12. XBC is the personality profile of our friend X; XABCDX is the personality profile of deity X. It is worth our while to get to know him.

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