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shrI durgA devI
(Mother Durga)

yA devI sarva bhuteSu chetanetyabhidhIyate
namastassai namstassai namastassai namo namaH

Again and again I bow to the devi  who abides in all beings as consciousness.

 In Two Guys, we saw how personality profile of a person might look like. I also noted there, that the two guys were quite atypical. Both X and Y, while they have room to grow, had pretty balanced personality profiles. In a well-balanced person, the lower sheaths are generally wider than the upper sheaths. Also, they are pretty symmetric about center.

Personal Growth, we saw the effect of karma on our personality profiles. We can expand our personality profile by proper karma or we can diminish it by improper karma. Our personality profiles grow and round out with meritorious karma (puNya karma), but shrink when we perform evil karma (pApa karma). The more we mess up our karmic life, the more the negative impact on our personality profiles. In exteme cases, this can lead to imbalance in personality profiles. By way of examples, figures 7a, 7b, and 7c shows three examples of distorted personality profiles.

According to the theory of sheaths, our inner sheaths (or deeper sheaths) should control the outer sheaths (or upper sheaths). When deeper sheaths shrink to a point that they are narrower than the sheaths above them, the upper sheaths are able to effectively control a person's behavior.

In figure 7a, the sheath of energy is disproportionately large. This can lead a person to engage in mindless activity that is not controled by his mind, as for example, in cases of ADHD. In figure 7b, the sheaths of energy and the sheath of mind are both larger than the intellectual sheath. Such a person has a mind that cannot be held in check by rationality; he also has a overly energetic nature. I think, what we have here is the making of a suicide bomber. Figure 7c shows a person whose sheaths are not aligned and hence his personality is not balanced. Such a person is likely to be pulled in two directions by his mind and his intellect. He has no balance. An unbalanced person knows no peace.

A way to restore and maintain balance in personality is yoga.


Figure 7a. Sheath of Energy is larger than the Sheath of Mind


Figure 7b. Sheath of Intellect is smaller than the Sheaths of Energy and Mind


Figure 7c. Sheaths are not aligned resulting in unbalanced personality

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